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Operating table
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Animal operating table

Animal operating table

Function parameters: 1. The working platform is lifted and lowered with hydraulic system, and the mi......

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Animal operating table

  Function parameter:

  1. The working platform is lifted and lowered with hydraulic system, and the middle is equipped with a lower sink.

  2. The left and right sides of the work surface can be tilted by 0-15° respectively, using mechanical manual operation.

  3. The front and back of the workbench can be tilted 0-45° respectively, using manual operation.

  4. The base is made of A3 steel plate computer paint, and the pulley is prepared.

  5. The table top is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperature, corrosion and rust.

      6. The base is painted with A3 steel plate and equipped with pulleys.

  Xinghua Tongchang Stainless Steel Products Factory, specializing in the production of animal operating tables, clinics, cages and other pet equipment supplies, welcome to inquire!

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