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What are the advantages of plastic products?

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  Compared with metal, stone and wood, plastic products have the advantages of low cost and strong plasticity. They are widely used in the national economy. The plastics industry plays an extremely important role in the world today. The production of plastic products has developed at high speeds around the world for many years. . China's output of plastic products is always in the forefront of the world rankings, and the output of various plastic products has been ranked first in the world. China has become a major producer of plastic products in the world.

  Compared with other materials, plastic has the following performance characteristics:

  1.Light weight

  Plastics are lighter materials with a relative density between 0.90 and 2.2. Obviously, can plastics float to the surface? Especially foamed plastics, because of the micropores inside, the lighter texture, the relative density is only 0.01. This property allows plastics to be used in the production of products that require a reduction in their own weight.

  2.Excellent chemical stability

  Most plastics have good corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis and other chemicals. Especially known as the plastic king of PTFE (F4), its chemical stability is even better than gold, put in "Aqua regia" boiled for more than ten hours will not deteriorate. Due to its excellent chemical stability, F4 is an ideal corrosion resistant material. For example, F4 can be used as a material for conveying corrosive and viscous liquid pipes.

  3. Excellent electrical insulation properties

  Ordinary plastics are poor conductors of electricity, and their surface resistance and volume resistance are very large, which can be represented by numbers to 109 to 1018 ohms. The breakdown voltage is large and the dielectric loss tangent is small. Therefore, plastics have a wide range of applications in the electronics and machinery industries. Such as plastic insulated control cables.

What are the advantages of plastic products?

  4. Poor conductor of heat, with noise reduction and shock absorption

  In general, the thermal conductivity of plastics is relatively low, equivalent to 1/75 to 1/25 of steel, the micropores of foam.

  It contains gas, which is better in heat insulation, sound insulation and shock resistance. For example, the thermal conductivity of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is only 1/357 of steel and 1/1250 of aluminum. In terms of heat insulation capacity, the single glass plastic window is 40% higher than the single glass aluminum window, and the double glass is 50% higher. After combining the plastic form with the insulating glass, it is used in residential buildings, office buildings, wards, hotels, saving heat in winter and saving air conditioning costs in summer. The benefits are obvious.

  5.Wide mechanical strength distribution and high specific strength

  Some plastics are as hard as stones, steel, and some are soft like paper and leather. From the mechanical properties of hardness, tensile strength, elongation and impact strength of plastics, the distribution range is wide, and there is a great choice for use. Because of its small specific gravity and high strength, plastics have a high specific strength. Compared with other materials, plastics also have obvious disadvantages, such as easy burning, low rigidity, poor aging resistance, and heat resistance.

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