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Advantages and uses of thermosetting plastic products

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The biggest difference between thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics lies in the cross-linking process. In essence, thermosetting plastics have good mechanical strength, high temperature and good dimensional stability. Many thermoset plastics are engineering plastics and have an amorphous structure due to the crosslinking process.

Thermoset plastic

Phenolic resin

Advantages: resistance to weak acids and weak bases, high temperature resistance.

Uses: Manufacture of refractory materials, friction materials and adhesives.

2. Epoxy

Advantages: good insulation performance, heat resistance, cold resistance, high chemical stability, good molding process performance, is a good adhesive.

3. Furan resin

Advantages: resistant to strong acid, strong alkali and organic solvent corrosion, good flame retardancy, less smoke when burning.

Disadvantages: The curing process is inconvenient and generally requires heat treatment.


4. Unsaturated polyester resin

Advantages: excellent process performance, solidification molding at room temperature, especially suitable for large-scale and on-site manufacturing of FRP products, the comprehensive performance of the cured resin is good;

Disadvantages: large volume shrinkage.

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