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Advantages and uses of thermosetting plastic products

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Plastic products: synthetic resin as the basic material, and then add fillers, plasticizers, colorants and stabilizers in a certain proportion, after mixing, plasticizing, and made under a certain pressure and temperature.


Low density polyethylene

Advantages: light weight, low hygroscopicity, good insulation, strong elongation, strong transparency, good cold resistance and strong chemical stability;

Disadvantages: low strength and poor aging resistance.

Uses: Making gears, bearings, cable sheaths.

2. High density polyethylene

Advantages: good heat resistance, good cold resistance, good wear resistance, good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, low water absorption and water vapor permeability, high surface hardness and good dimensional stability;

Disadvantages: poor aging resistance.

Uses: Production of single-mouth bottles, transport boxes, storage tanks, cable sheaths, pressure pipes.

3. Polypropylene

Advantages: light weight, no water absorption, good dielectric properties, good chemical stability and good heat resistance;

Disadvantages: poor light resistance, easy aging, low temperature toughness and poor dyeing performance.


Uses: Fabrication of flanges, gears, fan impellers, pump impellers, joints, various chemical containers, pipes, valve fittings, pump casings.

4. Polytetrafluoroethylene

Advantages: good high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance;

Disadvantages: low strength and strong cold flow.

Uses: Production of anti-friction sealing parts, chemical corrosion-resistant parts, heat exchangers, tubes, rods, plate products and various parts, insulation materials.

Advantages and uses of thermoplastics

5. Polystyrene

Advantages: high rigidity, low density, relatively transparent at room temperature, no water absorption, corrosion resistance, high electrical resistance, etc.

Disadvantages: poor impact resistance, not resistant to boiling water, poor oil resistance.

Uses: manufacturing instrument parts and equipment casings in the electronics industry; storage tanks, pipes and elbows in chemical industry.

6. Engineering plastics

Advantages: It has the characteristics of “hard, tough and rigid” and has good comprehensive mechanical properties.

Uses: manufacturing gears, pump impellers, bearings, pipes, tank linings, motor casings, instrument cases, instrument panels, battery tanks and tank casings.

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